Icy Mike: Imperfect

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YouTube Q&A… kinda…

I tried to stay on topic but a bunch of martial arts dudes wanted to talk martial arts so then that happened.

Coaching is scary! I was more nervous than Nate was!

I was more nervous than Nate was for his recent fight!

If you don’t know your worth, you can’t increase it.

If you don't know your worth, you can't increase it.

The Worst Excuses I’ve Ever Heard to Get Out of Training

The Worst Excuses I've Ever Heard to Get Out of Training

Why they call me Icy Mike!

In this episode I try to give a PG-13 account of where I got the name.

I was a teenage martial arts nerd with bad grades and no friends.

The most touching, important thing that has ever happened in the history of this podcast happens here... and no it's not the guy who is high.

What Happens When People Drop By The Studio to “Spar” With Me?

In this episode I talk about some instances of guys who come to "spar" only to end up trying to actually fight me.

I Was Fired From Title Boxing Club

In this episode I talk about my time at a Title Boxing Club, what it's like working there and how I was ultimately FIRED!

Has Dan The Wolfman Gone Insane or Is He Just Old and Stupid?

I realized I never actually uploaded this episode to podbean, it has only been available on YouTube!

Dan "The Wolfman" Theodore is as old school as they come. He is a professional fighter, multiple martial art black belt, actor and stuntman and as far as I can tell a very credible instructor. He even has a course out on BJJ Fanatics right now... so why is he calling me out?

You can view his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQI9S-9hXoXUf3lNP-pQh5g

And his course is here: https://bjjfanatics.com/products/combatives-and-street-jiu-jitsu-by-dan-the-wolf-man-theodore

Mayweather vs. Nasukawa Was a Work. (The Return of The Wolfman)

In this episode we do a DVD commentary on my recent video with Sensei Seth where we made improvised weapons in a grocery store. We talk about how stupid the Nick vs. Nate question is... how none of us want to see Tyson vs. Holyfield again... and Dan The Wolfman returns and I force him to apologize to Sensei Seth.

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