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Scarface from Streetbeefs and I Discuss Police Use of Force

In this episode I share my perspective on police use of force issues with Scarface from Streetbeefs in that hopes that information leads to understanding, and understanding leads to change.

Think about who you’re talking to…

That's all you need to do when confronted with haters, jealous people or those who are unjustifiably or unnecessarily critical of you.

What REALLY happened to Fight Perfect TV?

Fight Perfect TV was one of the fastest growing YouTube channels related to martial arts, self defense and fighting and then they were suddenly deleted out of nowhere for no reason.

Nope. It wasn't out of nowhere for no reason. It was plainly obvious it was coming, and there are very few questions as to why.

In this video I talk with Joe from Fight Perfect TV about why I think he deserved to be deleted.

Did you just say “Porn-ament?” BJJ and wrestling fetish video performer calls in.

We talk to Kane, who is a mixed martial artist and pornstar who specializes in BJJ and Wrestling themed fetish videos. I don't know that I need to tell you much more about the episode after that sentence.

A long time viewer does confront me about how I throw my uppercut improperly... but yeah... Wrestleporn is a thing.

Being Successful as a Martial Artist, YouTuber… or Martial Arts YouTuber

I broadcast simultaneously on podbean and my YouTube channel, hard2hurt. I take lots of questions related to getting started in fighting and YouTube... and the advice and strategy is surprisingly similar.

Follow Longshot MMA: https://www.youtube.com/user/chiefkamikaze



Fighting and sex are the two things that everyone automatically thinks they’re good at.

We learn from UFC Cutman, Richie Elliot, about the importance of failure, keeping it simple and setting aside ego. Also we talk about shitting ourselves. Richie Elliot is a wise, insightful and funny guy... easily the best guest this podcast has ever had. You can follow him on instagram @richie_elliot

Sidekicks Don’t Work feat. Sensei Seth Adams

Sensei Seth is a 3rd Degree Karate Black Belt and viral Instagram sensation. We talk about internet fame, getting solicted for feet pics, sparring with Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson and take a call from an Australian ex-mma fighter who does fetish porn... wait... what?

“I am the new Bruce Lee.” Icy MIke: Imperfect Episode 1

We bring in a manager who works with Bellator and UFC fighters to talk some sense into an underage MMA fighter who is competing with adults using a fake ID. We also attack some insecurities head on, talking about vanity and body image issues among men and I share an obsessive behavior of mine.

The show ends with a bang, as I proclaim... and prove... that I am the second coming of Bruce Lee.

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